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World Immunization Week

World Immunization Week

Author Meopin - 25 April 2017


This week is World Immunization Week, more specifically from April 24th to 30th, 2017. During these special 7 days, the World Health Organization (WHO) is focusing, on a controversial issue. The motto of the World Immunization Week for 2017 is: “Vaccines work”.

It is unquestionable that the development of vaccines has allowed us to eradicate a few diseases: many of us are aware of diphtheria, smallpox and polio only by hearing, and child mortality has declined significantly in recent decades. The fact is: vaccination saves lives!

However, there are sporadically new outbreaks of infectious diseases, which are responsible for the death of many people. New, previously unknown pathogens are count too. It would be wrong to rest on what has been achieved so far. The purpose of vaccinations is to cover these areas so far that the critical mass for a possible epidemic cannot be achieved, in the event of an outbreak of a sighted infectious disease. As an individual, you should not only act in the interest of your own health, but also bear responsibility for the society in which you live when it comes to spreading dangerous pathogens.

The issue of vaccination is not just about exotic diseases, we know from the developing countries. Tetanus, measles, rotavirus, whooping cough, hepatitis, chickenpox and measles are diseases that should not be unknown to all of us. Even today you can vaccinate yourself against influenza and breast cancer. Sooner or later, almost every one of us would inevitably face the question: What makes sense and what does not matter when it comes to vaccinations?


Nowadays it is also uncontroversial that any vaccine can have side effects and thus also risks. From this knowledge, a movement of regular vaccination opponents has formed in recent years. On the net are truthful reports about complications after vaccinations, but also rumours in abundance in this regard.

It is difficult for the layman to filter this information and to weigh up how he or she has to decide for himself or for his / her next generation. In the process, information is at the heart of such an important issue that affects us all without exception.

Some questions that make sense in this context are, for example:

  • Do you or your children belong to a risk group, which affects the susceptibility and consequences of an infection?
  • Do you or your children belong to a risk group, regarding the side effects of vaccines?
  • Do you live in an area with increased incidence of certain infectious diseases or are you traveling to such an area?
  • Do you perform a (professional) activity that increases the risk of certain infectious diseases?
  • Are there any natural remedies that help reduce the risks and side effects of vaccination?
  • Are you or your children at the time of vaccination in good health?

Your doctor of trust, whether it is a general practitioner or a specialist in infectious diseases, should be able to answer these questions in detail and help you to make the right decisions for yourself or for future generations, but also for the general public. He or she will also inform you about possible risks and side effects and tell you how you should behave in the case of possible complications. In the ideal case, he suggests a holistic approach, in which your body is supported by naturopathic (or homeopathic) remedies and thus can better deal with the vaccine.

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