What you should know about dental veneers

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What you should know about dental veneers

What you should know about dental veneers

Author Meopin - 7 March 2019

Veneers are a thin plastic or ceramic bowls glued to the visible surface of the teeth. In this case, misalignments or discoloration can be covered.

Are veneers suitable for every patient?

Not every patient is suitable for veneers. Genetic enamel or fluoride defects prevent gluing of veneers. Patients suffering from severe teeth grinding are also unsuitable for veneers. Teeth with large fillings should be usefully supplied with partial or whole crowns.

What kind of techniques are there with veneers?

In the conventional method, an approx. 1 mm thin layer is removed from the visible part of the tooth. After a corresponding impression, the veneer is produced in the laboratory and then permanently glued.

In some cases, so-called non-prep veneers are produced. Here, the corresponding tooth is not polished but supplied only by a very thin ceramic shell. This shell (Lumineer) is about 0.3 mm thin and conceals slight discoloration and compensates for slight misalignments.

There are also prefabricated shells that are adopted by the dentist in the mouth and are relatively cheap.

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