Why do teeth get tooth decay (Caries) ?

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Why do teeth get tooth decay (Caries) ?

Why do teeth get tooth decay (Caries) ?

Author Mike Haghour - 21 September 2018


The hard substance of the teeth (enamel and dentin) contains minerals such as calcium phosphates. The teeth maybe more prone to tooth decay based on hereditary factors. The bacteria present in the mouth convert the sugar from the food to acid. The bacteria then form colonies (plaque) that also colonize the smooth tooth surface. This acid attacks the calcareous structures of the teeth. With good oral hygiene this can be taken care of usually, since the mineral rebuilds itself over the weakened surface. But if it is not taken care of properly then the teeth would be permanently damaged by the usual consumption of acidic foods.

Teeth are getting minerals out of the saliva and, among other things, also from different toothpastes.

However, if oral hygiene is poor or the acid attack takes too long, your own remineralization is no longer enough. The tooth gradually loses its hard structure and there are defects of different sizes and depths (caries).

A good hygiene is therefore always necessary to eliminate bacteria and plaque. In addition, bi-annual checks and professional teeth cleaning should be performed at the dentist’s practice to remove deposits (tartar) and correct premature caries problems.


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