The 5 Trendy Superfoods

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The 5 Trendy Superfoods

The 5 Trendy Superfoods

Author Meopin - 24 March 2017

The so-called superfoods are on everybody’s lips – in the truest sense of the word.

At a time when people try to live healthier and increasingly want to be on a balanced and healthy diet, this is hardly surprising and a good thing.

Currently superfoods are not only a trend or a well-conceived marketing strategy, but it is the characterization for nutrition, which is rumored to have peculiar attributes: they are supposed to be extraordinarily rich in vitamins, to contain particularly valuable proteins or other precious nutrients. Some of them even hold antioxidant or anti-inflammatory modes of action and others again are used in detox-cures. We have chosen 5 trendy and exceptional superfoods:

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are reckoned as medicative seeds of the Mayas and are originally from Mexico. Chia is extremely rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Moreover, high values in iron, magnesium, calcium and dietary fiber have been attested. Therefore, these little seeds are a valuable and sound supplement on every menu, especially with the breakfast as an adding to cereals or yogurt.

Chia seeds can also be used to lose weight healthily: they fill the stomach by swelling because they have the ability to absorb a lot of liquid and ensure a longer feeling of satiety. Further, chia seeds have a fraction of 20 percent of protein and the contained carbohydrates are digested very slowly, so that the blood sugar level is stabilized. Consequently the body extracts its energy mostly from the lipometabolism, which is desired in weight loss diets.


For thousands of years, curcuma has been used in the Indian and Chinese medicine to cure diverse disease patterns and symptoms. It is believed that its main active agent, curcumin, possesses an anti-inflammatory effect that has been successfully applied to diseases like the irritable bowel syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis. Curcuma has a positive influence on the cardiovascular system, boosts the metabolism and reduces provably the blood sugar level and the cholesterol level. Even in cancer treatment curcuma gains significant importance.

Furthermore, curcuma is responsible for the yellowish color in most Asian curry-dishes. Since curcuma, even for therapeutic purposes, cannot be overdosed or cause other side effects, you can use this medicative plant without any doubt in your kitchen.


Matcha powder is made from finely ground green tea leaves and is justly deemed to be a pick-me-up with a positive influence on the ability to concentrate. Matcha is caffeinated, mostly raised with hot water and drunk as tea. The official preparation of the Matcha tea is often accompanied by a downright ceremony with dosage recommendations and special utensils, for example a small Matcha bamboo broom, to froth up the tea. The water should be ideally at 80 degrees Celsius.

Yet the effort is worth it, than Matcha holds much more than conventional tea or coffee: besides the mentioned effects, Matcha contains several vitamins and mineral supplements as well as valuable antioxidants and essential amino-acids. The active agent epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is rumored to be anti-inflammatory and immunostimiulatory.

The use of the green powder form Japan is increasingly popular in the kitchen and is deployed more frequently to cook and bake. Even in cocktails and smoothies the pick-me-up powder is a welcomed ingrediant.



Same as the chia seeds, Quinoa is originally from South America and served the populations in the Andes Mountains as a precious energy supplier since thousands of years. The high protein so called inka-corn belongs to the amaranth family. The nutritional value of quinoa speaks for itself: with a numerous amount of precious vitamins and minerals like magnesium, iron and zinc as well as a high level of protein and saturated fatty acids, quinoa steels the show among all real types of grains.

Despite the similar processing of Quinoa than with the traditional grains, Quinoa is not part of the real type of grains but a pseudograin. Quinoa does not contain any gluten and is therefore very digestibale and a delicious and healthy alternative for people with gluten intolerance. With its nutty taste, Quinoa can easily be combined with an uncountable number of dishes.

In addition, Quinoa embodies two essential amino acids, which are of high value for the human organism, namely lysine and tryptophane. Tryptophan is crucial for the production of the happiness hormon serotonion. The chocolate lovers among us certainly know this effect. So eating can actually make you happy, at least with the right food and in appropriate quantities. With Quinoa you can allow yourself at least one second serving.



The shiitake mushroom is originally from South East Asia, where it is not only popular as a food but also as a medicinal plant. Since thousands of years, the mushroom has been applied successfully in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Despite that the shiitake, alongside the champignon, is counted among the most cultivated mushrooms, a lot of people are not aware of the positive attributes this little nutrient-bomb secretly holds.

The shiitake withholds all of the essential amino acids necessary for the human being, plenty of important vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements. The brown fungus has a positive influence on the intestinal flora and encourages the digestion. Nevertheless, the shiitake is very special because of the included polysaccharides, eritadenine and lentinan. As has been proven, eritadenine reduces both the cholesterol level and the blood sugar level and lentinan acts immunostimulatory and cancer-inhibiting and is applied to support cancer therapy since decades.

If you have the choice, grab a few fresh or dried shiitake mushrooms when you are grocery shopping next time, favorably in bio quality.

Did you acquire a taste for it?

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