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Move into the future with Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the answer to the needs and expectations of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Meopin is now offering you the tool to take this challenge.

How it works

Define your settings

You set up your own calendar and define the start and the end of your working day. You may block times during the day or entire days when you’re not accepting appointments. Patients will see only the available times which you are offering. In your profile, you can inform patients about your qualifications, your expertise and preferred services, which allows a better matching beforehand.

Accept appointment requests from patients

Patients click on your calendar and reserve a booking in one click. They briefly describe the purpose of the consultation. They pay the entire price of your consultation, and you may accept or deny the booking. Then, patients are notified of your decision. Patients are not allowed to cancel an appointment: only the doctors have this ability, which therefore leaves the patients having to reserve a new appointment.

Connect with your patient

At the scheduled appointment time, the patient connects to your site (max. 10 minutes beforehand). Once you see that the patient is present, you may connect. You may choose, instead of video, to have only an audio conference or just chat with the patient. You also have at all times a view on the patient’s file. You may exchange documents with the patient, such as prescriptions or medical images.

Benefit from confidentiality and customized communication

Consultations are encrypted. Your contact with the patient respects confidentiality. Emails may be exchanged with patients, and documents stored in the virtual patient file. All appointments are automatically integrated in your personal calendar.

Your Benefits

Stay in contact with your patients.

Have consultations at home, or while traveling. You may thus optimize your schedule by using all of your available time, thus showing patients that you care about them. Rationalize your activity. Get more free time.

Avoid no-shows. Get paid instantly.

Patients not showing up physically for an appointment is a real problem and a waste of your time. while waiting. In an e-consultation, patients pay beforehand, when booking the appointment.

Access a larger group of patients.

You are no longer bound by the location of your practice. You may explore new opportunities to get new clients. You accept patients only after they have described their problem.

Take the challenge.

Demonstrate to your patients that you are keen on offering digital solutions for better taking care of them. You are leading the move. In any case, the time for consultations at a distance will come.


E-Consultation & Meopin Silver - 149 EUR / month

This package comprises: (1) Meopin telemedicine tool, named e-consultation, powered by Remed-e, (2) a Silver profile page in Meopin (web-based platform & mobile apps), allowing you to present yourself with the following information: (a) name, (b) address, (c) phone, (d) email, (e) specialties, (f) main focus services, (g) other services offered or performed.

E-Consultation & Meopin Gold - 199 EUR / month

This package comprises: Meopin Silver plus (h) in what you are different (languages spoken), personal statement, care philosophy, biography, education, residence after graduation, memberships, professional affiliations office hours, website, years of experience, insurance plans, hospital affiliation).

E-Consultation & Meopin Premium - 249 EUR / month

This package comprises: Meopin Gold plus (i) pictures & videos.

Promotion until 30 September 2019

1 Year Subscription = 10 months payment 2 months free

No set-up fees. Free technical assistance available.

For this package, you will save €69/month on the normal price and up to €600 in total for the 1-year subscription plan.

The price is a monthly recurring amount. VAT will be added, if applicable.

Interested ?

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