Story of a patient: Many questions, but no answer (7)

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Story of a patient: Many questions, but no answer (7)

Story of a patient: Many questions, but no answer (7)

Author Meopin - 14 March 2018

Knowing that I also had Tarlov cysts in the sacrum, and that some symptoms have already manifested, I knew that I had several symptomatic cysts.

This is pure horror.

For several days and nights, I could not concentrate or stop crying so this diagnosis upset me.

On the Internet I found explanations about my illness. Then, I went on YouTube … one of the first things to come in search? A video of a young girl with Tarlov cysts at the sacrum. This video put me on the edge of my nerves …….

And now what?

For the most part, Tarlov cysts are almost always found in the sacrum and other locations in the spine are rarer. And I am full in the world of this mystery. I have Tarlov Cysts along my spine and the D10 height was the most affected at that time.

Many questions, but no answer.

Who can I talk to? Who can give me an answer on my cyst in height D10 since I can not find any reading on this site? Do my symptoms go so far for the sacrum, as for this patient in the video? What is my prognosis with all my cysts? Will it be better? What will I do if there are others that become symptomatic? Will I end up losing my ability to walk? Question after question.

When you are faced with something of this magnitude, you cannot stop your mind from running in all possible directions. A thousand questions run through your head and, unfortunately, very few have received an answer at this stage.


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