Story of a patient: My first intervention (11)

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Story of a patient: My first intervention (11)

Story of a patient: My first intervention (11)

Author Meopin - 11 April 2018


On 13.09.2017 I moved to Cyprus. My first intervention the Nerve Root Block and the operation took place on 19.9.2017

This operation brought me great relief regarding this intolerable pain. After the 2nd day, I was able to get up without much difficulty and without this huge pressure in my back. Being so used to this penetrating pain, it took me a while to realize.

During my stay in Cyprus I met other patients from around the world with Tarlov Cysts.

The Tarlov Cysts of these patients were in the sacrum. I have them along the spine. These patients came from: Canada – for more than 4 years in a wheelchair, from Australia – walking so much forward almost losing balance, Trinidad and Tobago – sitting barely +/- 20 minutes, from Ireland – the same, Bulgaria – moments so stuck that she could no longer get dressed, Netherlands – came by special plane lengthened since this lady could no longer sit.

It’s like attending a miracle to see all these patients before and after their surgery. All these emotions in seeing the change and evolution of these patients who have lived the same nightmare than I, neglected by doctors, treated like psychic patients, etc. Like me, they had to fight and look for themselves to find a competent specialist.

Where is the ethics of all these doctors?

Thanks to this specialist who is the leader in the field of Tarlov Cysts and who has a large margin of healing, patients will finally find a normal quality of life. In view of the few rare physicians for a large number of patients suffering from Tarlov cysts it would be desirable that more neurologists exchange and learn this technique.

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