Story of a patient: Finally a diagnosis – Tarlov cysts (4)

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Story of a patient: Finally a diagnosis – Tarlov cysts (4)

Story of a patient: Finally a diagnosis – Tarlov cysts (4)

Author Meopin - 21 February 2018

Anyone who has never lived in such a situation cannot understand what desperation is happening and that one is depressed about this untenable situation. This is like a bad dream that never ends.

The doctors, to relieve their consciences, let me go with a lot of medicines that caused stomach, kidney, bowel disorders, etc.

Which means I still had to see other doctors for other problems. Result: other specialized doctors and still other drugs. And all this to the prejudice of my body and the CNS health insurance institution.

The funny thing in all these steps: no orthopedist or neurologist could tell me if this pain concerns the field of neurology or orthopedics.

One day, during an MRI I asked my neuroradiologist the meaning of the white spots on my spine. Only then did I know that they were TARLOV KYSTES.

A little more time, a little more listening and a deeper search would have solved many problems from the beginning.

I am in 2016 – Finally a diagnosis.

That day, at the beginning of my research, I realized that nothing would ever be the same. My life would forever change since Tarlov cysts are all over my spine.


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