Story of a patient: Doctors specializing in Cyst Tarlov Disease (8)

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Story of a patient: Doctors specializing in Cyst Tarlov Disease (8)

Story of a patient: Doctors specializing in Cyst Tarlov Disease (8)

Author Meopin - 27 March 2018

There are worldwide only a handful of neurosurgeons who really specialize in this field. To be honest, there are really only two to consider who are using a surgical method with the highest success rate: one in Dallas and another in Sacramento (US). There are neurosurgeons who perform surgery on patients with Cyst Tarlov, but the success rate is far from acceptable. Usually, they only drain cysts, and they add fibrin to help prevent future leaks. However, in many cases you find yourself in the same state and / or worse. Not the best rating. Both doctors drain the cyst and place special mesh-type equipment. The success rate is very high.

All this time I am barely able to function because my pain was so excruciating, and I can not live in my current state even longer.

Physically, emotionally, and psychologically – Symptomatic Tarlov cysts are one of those “silent” chronic diseases that you would not want to see.

Words can never express the sadness I feel.

At what rate, with what gravity and what other organs will be affected … we honestly have no idea. No matter what we know about this disease, it will never go away. It’s something that will accompany me for the rest of my life, even after surgery.

The problem is already beginning with the reports of radiologists.

They never mentioned that I had Tarlov cysts along my spine. The only Tarlov cyst mentioned was that of the sacrum, but since this one did not cause me any problems at that time, I did not do any research.

Why mention the one to the sacrum in 2000 and not the others???

I could have won 17 years without this incredible pain.

In addition, the 2 back operations in 2014 and 2015 were not necessary if I had the correct diagnosis well before.


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