Story of a patient: I decide (10)

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Story of a patient: I decide (10)

Story of a patient: I decide (10)

Author Meopin - 5 April 2018

After these new disappointments, I decided for a specialist who is in Dallas and who according to my research is the leader of the world for this rare disease. Fortunately, since he has a completely different technique to relieve patients.
According to statistics patients recover after a recovery period of +/- 2 years (because our nerves are extremely slow to heal), a “normal” life of 90%. Some of the patients are still on pain medication and go through minor outbreaks that are manageable.
With the help of my doctor, it was found that this doctor from Dallas (USA) also operates in Cyprus. As of 03/07/2017 we sent an email and 2 days after I had the first contact. After receiving some forms that I had to complete and a new MRI, I sent them my complete file.
After the Cyprus clinic transferred my file to Dallas, the doctor’s personal assistant contacted me via Skype to discuss open questions. A few days later, I had an interview with the doctor. Following this interview, he advised me to do a NERVE ROOT BLOCK to define exactly which cyst poses me the biggest problem. In discussing the news with my Luxembourg doctor, he offered to do this test at the hospital in Cyprus since they know it.
On this fact, I sent my decision to the hospital and a few days later, I had the appointment for an operation and my Nerve Root Block.
On this, I made my request to the CNS by attaching the computer documents concerning my little known pathology.
The response of the CNS: you cannot have an S 2, but an agreement in principle. The refund will be adapted to an identical operation.

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