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Rehabilitation centers and technicians

Rehabilitation centers and technicians

Author Meopin - 14 April 2017

Rehabilitation covers habilitation, which aims to help those who acquire disabilities congenitally or early in life to develop maximal functioning, and rehabilitation, where those who have experienced a loss in function are assisted to regain maximal functioning.

Rehabilitation targets improvements in individual functioning – say, by improving a person’s ability to eat and drink independently. Rehabilitation also includes making changes to the individual’s environment. It reduces the impact of a broad range of health conditions. Typically rehabilitation occurs for a specific period of time, but can involve single or multiple interventions delivered by an individual or a team of rehabilitation workers, and can be needed from the acute or initial phase immediately following recognition of a health condition through to post-acute and maintenance phases.

Rehabilitation involves identification of a person’s problems and needs, relating the problems to relevant factors of the person and the environment, defining rehabilitation goals, planning and implementing the measures, and assessing the effects (see figure below). Educating people with disabilities is essential for developing knowledge and skills for self-help, care, management, and decision-making. People with disabilities and their families experience better health and functioning when they are partners in rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation centers offer services through physiotherapists, rehabilitation doctors, occupational therapists, prosthetists, orthotists, physical therapists and experts for speech pathology.

These rehabilitation specialists are most often independent, but cooperating with hospitals, rehabilitation centers or other structures.

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