Read for You: “Doctor You” in The Economist

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Read for You: “Doctor You” in The Economist

Read for You: “Doctor You” in The Economist

Author Meopin - 15 February 2018

Meopin is following all trends in health care. We will report to you articles, scientific contributions and studies, which we are reading. Starting with this one:

“Doctor You – How data will transform health care” is the leading article of the latest edition of The Economist. It asks to welcome the digital revolution in health care that is coming.

New technologies (such as the smartphone) are allowing people to monitor their own health. We may access our own medical recors and easily share information wit those we trust. We may thus reduce inefficiencies in our own treatment and provide data to help train medical algorithms.

The author indicates three major benefits to “being now our own doctor”. First is better diagnosis, through apps and behaviour on our smartphone for example. Second is better management of complex diseases. Third, an improvement of care efficiency. And last one, aggregation of data which makes it easier to find other people with similar diseases and to see how they respond to various treatments.

There are also risks. People do not always want to take active control of their own heart care. Benefits often flow disproportionately  to the rich. Regulations can slow the process of those seeking for healthcare coverage.

But benefits of making data more widely available should outweigh such risks, is the conclusion of the article. It ends by giving as example Sweden, which aims to five all its citizens electronic access to their medical records by 2020.

Trust in Doctor You.


Read in The Economist, 3 Feb 2018, p. 9

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