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Meopin launches Patient University to develop patient skills


A patient-centered approach to a true partnership 

If it is true that training exists for professionals, it must be observed that patient education is lacking in Luxembourg. Patient University, launched by Meopin, fills this gap.

The goal is to develop and strengthen the patient’s skills to share decisions with caregivers and to engage in their care, in managing their life with the disease through sharing information and patient experience with professionals. These new skills will allow the patient to build a real partnership with the doctor and other caregivers, to define together the care option, the monitoring of its implementation and its adjustment. The patient has access to all knowledge, but most importantly, carries experiential knowledge. He lives his illness, he knows the effects of different treatments and their consequences on everyday life. This knowledge is increasingly valued. It includes aspects such as continuity of care, the patient’s environment, the relationship with professional teams, the announcement of illness, etc.

Beyond the questions of knowledge, the patient must be able to exercise his will freely. Since care choices are eminently subjective (because they express an experience of illness, a personal journey, values and a way of projecting oneself into the future), this will can not be exercised without shared and adapted information.

A new concept: Health Education for Everyone

Patient University will be a series of events where taking part will help develop and strengthen patient skills: “Health Education for Everyone”.

Patients can:

  • listen to the speaker, specialist of the subject (30-45min)
  • talk to the speaker, ask questions and get answers (max 30 min)
  • broaden their skills on diseases, treatments, and their rights and obligations to the health system
  • test medical applications and devices
  • speak to other professionals offering services or related products
  • visit information booths and interactive workshops.

An imperative for each speaker: to adopt a clear language and understandable for the public (avoid technical terms).

Mobile Patient University offer for companies and schools 

Patient University plans for September 2019 to expand its offer to a mobile concept that can be deployed to companies (for employees, for example on the theme of burnout or occupational health ) and schools (for elementary school students and high school students). The goal is still to communicate on medical topics so that the patient can develop his skills.

Get a Strong Back – 29 April 2019, 18:00 h, Luxembourg

The theme of the first Patient University event is the treatment of back pain.

Back and pelvic pain, as well as body tension, are often linked to dysfunction. If the patient can help himself by developing a good musculature and avoiding prolonged positions, sitting or standing, some problems can also be corrected by manual osteopathic treatments, in combination with the current treatment carried out by  the referring doctor.

But where do the back problems come from? How to approach them? Our expert for this conference: Dr. Sergio Marcucci, DO, MSc, Dr. of Health Sciences. As a doctor in Health Sciences at AT Still University College, Mesa, Arizona (USA), he has been practicing osteopathy for 16 years in Luxembourg, not to mention his research in the field of osteopathic clinic, in order to optimize manual  osteopathic treatment.

Date: Monday 29 April 2019, 18:00 h

Speaker: Dr Sergio Marcucci

Language: English / Traduction simultanée vers le français

Station Partner: Pilates Studio, Luxembourg

Venue: Forum da Vinci, 6 Bd Grand-Duchesse Charlotte, L-1330 Luxembourg (G.D. Luxembourg)

Parking. Monterey – Bus nr 6, 7, 12, 15, stop Wampach

Free entrance. No prior registration required. A drink will be offered after the event.

See: Press Release (8 April 2019)

Topics of next events 

For coming events, Patient University is preparing topics such as:

  • Fear of the doctor – How to behave
  • Anaesthesia – What are the risks?
  • Depression after childbirth –
  • Tumor of the skin: how to recognize and prevent it
  • How to strengthen the heart
  • Rights and obligations of patients
  • Pilates
  • Protection of personal data, view from the patient
  • Medical record of the patient
  • Refund by the Caisse Nationale de Santé
  • Stay abroad (stationary treatment programmed in a hospital, doctor’s consultation, emergency)

The program will be published here and in social media.