A patient story: First pain (1)

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A patient story: First pain (1)

A patient story: First pain (1)

Author Meopin - 30 January 2018

In 1999 I had my first contact with this unknown pain. It manifested 2 days after a gynecological operation. Fortunately, the pain remained for one day only. The doctor called spoke about a kidney crisis, even though I had confirmed to him that this pain was not the same since I had already had it. Persuaded by his diagnosis, he was doing a sting with a very high dose of pain, but it had no effect. This pain was not comparable with a kidney crisis, it was much more tenacious and much worse, it took me quite a few years to discover.

A few months later, the pain showed up again and since that day my life has changed forever …

Since that time until today it is a real ordeal. At first, this pain manifested itself with rather prolonged delays and the durations were variable – from a few days to weeks. But, over the years, the pain-free time has become shorter.

It is not always easy to express own feelings when faced with pain. And putting words on a sensation is not always obvious, find out who to talk about is not more.

I can describe this back pain as unbearable and radiating to the front in addition, it extended on both sides of the back when the pain remained long enough. This pain manifested itself as brutal and intense launches. A very regular pain that rises like a wave and at the climax of the pain I gasped.

What makes all the difference regarding this pain is that it is amplified by movements of the spine, improper postures, breathing, coughing, and turning the head and sometimes by the mere fact of speaking. Sit quietly on a chair, impossible because this pain, once present, makes me move all the time because of these strong, exhausting, persistent, incomparable pain.

Next to come: “I was facing an unknown sensation”

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