A patient story: I was facing an unknown sensation (2)

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A patient story: I was facing an unknown sensation (2)

A patient story: I was facing an unknown sensation (2)

Author Meopin - 9 February 2018

The tenacity of this pain brought me sleepless nights or sleep in intervals. During painless times I tried to play sports, following the advice of the doctors, but the pain reappeared. Without knowing that I had cysts touching the nerves, I realized that simple daily actions were enough to trigger the pain and this more and more often.

Some examples :
Once the pain is present, all movements with my arms have become a nightmare for me:

  • Preparation of meals;
  • Household: ironing, vacuuming, window cleaning, etc.
  • Personal care: hair drying (arms raised), etc.
  • Shopping: loading and unloading the cart, etc.
  • Even standing up often impossible
  • The pain cuts you off from all normal life
  • One can no longer concentrate and follow work to be done
  • These nerves pain stuck, touched, irritated, inflamed, etc. – Hell is still a gift – pain, pain and more pain


Despite this pain and having no choice to perform these different acts, the pain intensified and I had only one thought in mind, that pain disappears. No treatment – not the strongest one, nor in large doses – brought me any relief. This pain was pure torture and completely cut me off from the outside world.

It is not always easy to find the right person to stop suffering in silence …

All my efforts to find a suitable specialist or correct diagnosis regarding my pains took me back in a one way way. My naivety of hope for support and medical help has left me losing a lot of energy, nerves and many years of quality of life. I knew something was wrong and even if it was herniated discs or spinal problems, I needed to know where the harm was coming from. But often at that time, I felt totally lost and alone ….

To read soon: “It is not always easy to find the right interlocutor to no longer suffer in silence. …”

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