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Meopin’s search function: new and intuitive

Meopin’s search function: new and intuitive

Author Meopin - 15 September 2018

It is not a mystery that we turn more and more to the Internet to search for a diverse range of subjects. This is true for our work life where we are said to spend 2 hours a day just looking for information, without being productive.

This is also true for private issues, and health-related subjects are certainly a big part of that. In the US, the majority of Web health-seekers tend to be affluent, well-educated and female. But the minority counts as well, and certainly at a time when health industry is pushed to post more information online. In a study published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project back in 2013, major topics reached online were information about a specific disease or medical problem, a particular medical treatment, diet, nutrition and vitamins, and exercise of fitness. More than 20 % of users were interested in looking for a particular doctor or hospital. The study shows that people are turning to the Web to make better decisions in their lives, whether buying a book or making a health decision. 

Providing an answer to people’s search for health-related topics is, without any doubt, one of the main goals of Meopin. To make better decisions, patients need more and better information, and in less time.

Our platform has been fed since our beta launch with an important number of healthcare providers. Search on the web portal and in the mobile app can be made by typing a (first) name (for example, Mike) and, while typing, you already get a suggestion of all Mikes already in the Meopin database.

You can also type a specialty (for example, dermatology) and the results page is providing name and address of all dermatologists listed in the platform.

Keywords can also be used. When typing “brace”, you get results with the name of dentists who have indicated the provision of dental braces (you know, this treatment to straighten teeth and get a beautiful smile) as one of their preferred services or expertise. Or, type “wheelchair” and get names of vendors of such devices nearby.

While searching, you can also use our location and get only results from providers near your location. You just have to enable location distance in the advanced search field.

More advanced filters will be added over the time to facilitate your search experience.

We are working hard everyday to add more providers to our platform. If you do not find your provider on Meopin, but want to have him/her listed, you may suggest his/her name by clicking on the button “Add a provider” appearing at the result page. After our check, the suggested provider will be listed on our platform. Your cooperation is welcome, and we count on you to enlarge our platform step by step.

Do not hesitate to contact Meopin at if you wish to be assisted furthermore on the search. An explanation video will be posted soon as well on our website.

Take care.

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