Now, be assisted in any issue with health insurance

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Now, be assisted in any issue with health insurance

Now, be assisted in any issue with health insurance

Author Meopin - 9 September 2018

Lucy just moved to Luxembourg for work. She has been suffering from tooth pain for a few days now. She set up an appointment with a dentist on Meopin. The thing Lucy doesn’t know is that she needs to get a written cost estimate and/or prior authorisation from her insurance before she can get certain dental treatments. It can be overwhelming when you have just moved to a new city, where places are unfamiliar, language can be a barrier and on top of all this figuring out health insurance.

So here’s the breakdown of what Lucy needs to do.

  • Meet her doctor and get a cost estimate of the work her teeth will need
  • Send this estimate to her insurance

The insurance will come back with how much of the cost they can cover, if it is a public insurance. Lucy can get a private insurance over and above her public insurance. But how does she figure out which private insurance will give her the best coverage? Do not fear, Lucy. We have an article soon to cover that (Stay tuned this month).

Coming back to Lucy’s ordeal. Her insurance company told her that she can’t be covered because of a clause which she was not aware of. With Meopin’s services, Lucy and anyone and everyone can now get a better understanding of their insurance, no matter which country they are in.

In Luxembourg, for example, for a dental treatment, there are different clauses that apply based on the procedure. Beyond an annual amount of € 60.00 fully covered by health insurance, these treatments are covered at the rate of 80-88% (depending on the type of treatment).

For children who have not yet reached the age of 18, these acts are covered at 100% of fixed rates. We can help you in understanding these acts applied and what you can do with them.

Meopin can help you with getting the pre-authorisation, submitting your bills for reimbursement, managing your denied health insurance claims, and understanding explanation of benefits of your health insurance. Health insurance can be tricky but we can help you to decode it.

The benefits you gain are:

  • Help with getting the optimal charge reimbursed for your bills;
  • Save time and reduce stress handling your medical claims;
  • Gain insight into your actual out-of-pocket healthcare costs and your health insurance coverage;
  • More efficiency in terms of money spent and time saved with paperwork and long processes.

You already have enough to worry about when it comes to your health. Isn’t it time you trust a consultant to mitigate and assist you with your claims, medical bills, explanation of benefits, medical insurance pre-authorizations, denied insurance claims etc. All you have to do is provide us with your health insurance details and we’ll get to work right away as the professional liaison between you, the insurance company, and your medical providers.

Click here to contact us and find out more about our services.

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