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Meopin – Next steps

Meopin – Next steps

Author Meopin - 7 September 2018

Since we launched the Meopin beta version in November 2017, we have gathered important feedback from early users. This was extremely helpful, as it helped us to improve our product. We aim at constantly adapting our platform and mobile apps to requests and suggestions received from our users and customers.

Over the last few weeks, we have also defined some new features we would like to add to the portfolio of services we are offering. Some of them were in the pipeline for some time, others were the result of discussions with users and business partners. But all of them are solutions to pain points raised by patients and healthcare providers over time.

The vision of our platform remains the same: we would like healthcare providers to drive engagement with patients throughout the entire patient journey. What does a patient feel, think and do as he / she interacts with providers through different stages of the process? There are many different channels and touch-points along the way. Care providers are well advised to empower their patients to proactively manage their own care.

Take patients their anxiety and doubts! Combat their fear! Instead, provide reassurance, hope and encouragement! Help with support and guidance! 

Meopin will be present all over the multi-stage patient journey to be a match-maker between healthcare providers and their patients. Offering tools, information and guidance to help the move towards personalised medicine. Patients want to be treated as customers. And providers can only win in better engaging patients and improving their journey. 

The foundation of our platform will, as well, stay what it was intended to be since the beginning. Built on trust, privacy and security.

To reach this objective and respect the foundation of our platform, additional tools will complete our platform over the next days and weeks. Our action plan is defined, we are on the way … More on the new tools will be communicated in due time.

And we want you to participate in this. Give us your feedback, make suggestions, take part in exchanges. Thank you in advance.

Take care.

Patrick Goergen

Founder & CEO, Meopin



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