Is sport really as healthy as we think?

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Is sport really as healthy as we think?

Is sport really as healthy as we think?

Author Meopin - 2 May 2017


Some never do sport, because they think it’s too dangerous. Others cannot live without sport and practice it for several hours a day.

Our body is a phenomenon and adapts to its environment. This is also the case with sport, the body adapts to the effort. But what changes are taking place?

Basically, all our biological systems are influenced positively. The organs influence each other. If the muscles work more, they need more oxygen. Oxygen is removed from the blood and therefore the cardiovascular system must pump a large amount of blood through the body. This helps to keep the blood vessels elastic and strengthens the heart. In this way, through regular exercise, premature heart attacks, as well as the risk of stroke can greatly be reduced.

Regular movement affects our entire metabolism. Our muscles are strengthened and the number and size of the mitochondria, the energy plants of our cells, increases, which then, more effectively incinerate sugar and fat. This prevents metabolic diseases like diabetes. With regular exercise, endurance improves. After a few weeks of training, beginners are less breathless.

Regular exercise changes the body in the long run. Bones also adapt, the bone structure becomes denser and compact and helps prevent osteoporosis (bone loss). In addition, messengers are produced in the muscles that impact the brain and thus promote cognitive performance.

Sport is also prescribed by physicians for untrained patients. According to some physicians, physical activity is the most effective way to prevent various diseases. Sport reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension, stroke or atherosclerosis. In addition, sport also prevents diabetes and certain cancers, such as breast cancers and colon cancer. Life expectancy can be increased with regular exercise. The mortality risk is reduced by 19% for men and for women by 24%.

To enjoy these health benefits, you do not need to train multiple hours a day. According to experts, already 2.5 hours per week of moderate sports can improve long-term health.

To conclude, regular and moderate physical activity is very healthy. Sport has a preventive effect against various diseases, you generally feel in better shape, more vital and you get older too.


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