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Managing Your Healthcare Insurance Claims

Getting a medical claim paid correctly can be a real battle. Often, you don’t understand the invoice lines and it’s unclear whether all the services are being reimbursed by the health insurance company. Also, the terms and conditions published by your insurance company are written using complicated legal jargon. 
Even before consulting a healthcare professional, you may need a prior authorization from your health insurance company. 

We will offer you assistance without blowing your already-stretched budget. Getting the insurance company to pay what they owe you according to the insurance contract is our primary goal.

Make your health insurance woes go away

We Help Patients:

  • To challenge the health insurance system bureaucracy
  • To resolve their individual claims and billing issues
  • To obtain the proper and adequate reimbursement
  • To navigate successfully the whole claiming process

What Are We Doing?

  • We check, evaluate, analyze and resolve denied medical bills
  • We ask for pre-authorizations
  • We challenge denied health insurance claims
  • We go through each step on your behalf, saving you time and money


Reimbursement of the Foreign Hospital Bills

"After retirement I moved to France. However, I stayed insured in the country where I worked my whole life. My prostate issues forced me to consult regularly my urologist in France and I was recommended to have surgery. My home country's public health insurance refused to grant me the prior authorization which is required for treatment abroad, arguing that the choice of a French hospital was made only out of my private convenience. Meopin Services is currently assisting me to get my hospital bill of ca. 8.000 euros reimbursed by the public health insurance." Frederick. M


Obtaining the Adequate Reimbursements

""I requested Meopin Services' help to analyze the reimbursements made by the public health insurance for my dermatology treatment. As I was a high-risk patient, I needed a full-body skin check every three months. For each consultation I paid 150 euros and the insurer reimbursed me sometimes with 43 euros, sometimes with 65 euros, whereas the invoice lines and the amounts were the same for each consultation. Meopin Services helped me prepare a supporting file that allowed me to get the adequate reimbursement."  Maria D.


Challenging the Decision of the Public Health Insurer

"Meopin assisted me to gather legal cases and supporting documentation to justify my claim for a prior authorisation for a Lipedema treatment abroad. In my home country, the treatment is not reimbursed during early stages of the illness. The public health decides to cover the costs based on the personal situation of the patient. With Meopin Services legal support, I challenged the public health insurance decision to reimburse my costs and to grant me with the prior authorisation." Annabelle L.


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