Guidelines for reviewing providers

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Give subjective opinions. Differentiate notes. Waive for defamation, hate and discrimination.


By writing a useful review, you contribute to a better transparency in the healthcare sector. This will help other patients who are looking for a suitable healthcare provider.


Positive reviews are considered as very useful. Patients who give positive ratings encourage other patients to contact the concerned healthcare provider. Comments from real patients are therefore a relevant factor, additional to promotion materials issued by the provider himself, to assess user experience with the concerned provider.

Patients may and should also give critical opinions if they are dissatisfied with a provider’s visit. Critics may concern the provider as such, or certain elements of the provider-patient relation. This is why Meopin’s rating form is structured, generally speaking, into three sections: one for the provider himself, one for his / her team, and the last one for accessibility and equipment. All three sections are rated separately and count for the provider’s global score. If critical evaluations are to be made, they should be differentiated. Exceptions apply for medical devices and prescription medicine, where only the product is rated.

We respect patients’ freedom of expression. Patients may express their opinion freely about a provider. At the same time, the provider’s right of personality protects him from interferences with his personal area of life.

Meopin, in order to contribute to a balanced approach to its review system and protect the providers’ rights, allows however healthcare providers to reply to or dispute a review made by a patient. Replies will be added to the review if they fulfil Meopin’s criteria to this respect.

If a provider challenges a patient’s review and disputes it, Meopin will require the patient to provide additional proof of factual elements of the review. Patients should be aware that, in such a case, proofs must be provided in order to publish the review. During the review dispute process, the review may be taken offline. To keep your anonymity, you can black out all personal data. The practice stamp and the date are sufficient.

In order to publish as many content as possible after an examination, Meopin reserves the right to shorten, delete or adapt parts of reviews.


Four tips

We have four tips for you, in order for the review to provide other patients with the most effective value in their search for the best provider.

Formulate your subjective opinion!

Write better “I think the doctor has taken much too little time.” Instead of “The doctor just treated me for 2 minutes.”. Your personal opinion is protected by fundamental laws. Facts, however, must be proven in doubt, which is not always possible.

Differentiate your score!

Assign the notes in the individual categories, regardless of the overall impression! If, for example, you were dissatisfied with the clarification and treatment, the treating physician may nevertheless have been kind. Often the credibility of all categories is marked with the grade 1 or 6. Also try to describe different aspects of your provider’s visit (eg waiting times, appointment, treatment …). Do not attribute Only grade 6 or grade 1. Assess each category differently based on experience.

Refrain from insults!

Do not write “The doctor is a complete idiot.” Your assessment should be balanced and fair. Please make sure that your criticism is not offensive and generalizing. Sneaks are not accepted!

Do not profit from the fact that comments are published on an anonymous basis.

Even if you are able to publish on an anonymous basis, do not be more negative and do not leave unreasonable comments. Meopin will store our data according to our privacy policy. A court may oblige us to disclose your identity, for example for the purpose of prevention of disorder or crime or the protection of the rights and freedom of others.


Conditions for publication of reviews

A treatment or consultation has taken place.

Only patients who were in relation with a provider can fully assess this same provider. Names of a provider’s office or other employees of a practice may not be mentioned for legal reasons. Names of the assisting staff, for example in a hospital, may not be mentioned.

The provider’s visit is a recent one.

Reviews of visits to the provider who have been more than two years old cannot be considered due to lack of up-to-date information. For this reason, already published evaluations, which were submitted more than two years ago, are archived and thus no longer included in the calculation of the overall score. The author of the evaluation will be informed and has the possibility to submit an updated evaluation to the doctor if he has been treated again in the last two years.

The assessment does not include insulting utterances.

Insults, defamations and discriminatory statements are not published.

The assessment does not include serious accusations.

Meopin cannot be a platform for serious disputes between a provider and his patient. In the case of serious treatment errors, drastic misdiagnoses or similar serious accusations, Meopin recommends to contact your health insurance, the arbitration offices of the relevant medical chamber or an independent patient advice.

The assessment does not include cost disputes.

Reviews containing only cost disputes will not be published. If this cost dispute is only part of the review, this part may be deleted by Meopin, whereas the other part may be published.

The review is comprehensible.

Reviews should be understandable. Please do not use the excessive use of capital letters, special characters or foreign words.

The rating does not include advertising or web addresses.

Your rating may not include any advertisements (for any company, service or product) and web addresses.


Exclusion causes according to the reviews author

Meopin will not accept reviews in the following cases:

An (uninvolved) third party evaluates the evaluation (eg agencies).

Because Meopin may be obliged to contact a patient directly, a complaint may only be submitted by the patient himself. The submission of an assessment by a third person (such as an agency) is therefore prohibited. Insofar suspicious reviews are deleted without consultation or already not published. The following exceptions apply: Parents can evaluate the treatment of their child. For patients who are unable to attend the doctor’s visit without supervision due to their age or illness, the accompanying person can make an assessment if they have experienced the treatment in person.

A provider evaluates himself.

A provider must not evaluate himself. Employees, relatives or service providers and agencies commissioned by the provider may not evaluate this. Complaints assessment among colleagues is not allowed. In the case of signs of manipulation, suspicious evaluations are removed without consultation with the author. In the case of repeated manipulation attempts, Meopin reserves the right to take legal action.

A patient evaluates the same provider several times.

A user can only evaluate the same provider once, even when treating various diseases.

If the user wants to update his / her evaluation, because he has gained new experience with the provider, he / she can log in with his account and edit the evaluation under “My ratings”.

If one parent has reviewed a provider, the other parent may not make a second assessment. The same applies to the submission of an evaluation by a third party.

The sender is untrustworthy.

Meopin reserves the right to review or delete any feedback from unsuspecting senders. The use of minute mail accounts is not allowed because an active e-mail address is required for possible queries.

A monetary consideration was accepted for a valuation.

Reviews for which the author has directly or indirectly received a consideration from the provider will be deleted. This applies to all counter-payments, such as cash, checks or discounted medical or other services.