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Fit for summer! – Nutrition tips

Fit for summer! – Nutrition tips

Author Meopin - 11 April 2017

Spring arrived and it is at its best. With the sunny and beautiful days, a part of us also have doubts about as to whether they will make a good impression in the coming summer? The winter sweaters and coats were able to cover one or two curves, gnawed over the winter. But this time has come to an end.


Even if some people do not have problems with their physical appearance, they want to feel fitter and more active again. Is our body still able to handle these demands after the long hibernation?

Not only beauty comes from inside but vitality too.  “You are what you eat” – Who has not heard this saying?

Regardless of our objectives like to lose a few pounds, to shake of springtime lethargy or if we just want to feel fitter, a healthy and balanced diet plan is indispensable.

Before you are going to dramatically knock over your whole diet plan, you should set yourself goals that are achievable. Do you know your ideal weight for your body height, apart from the illusion sold in magazines and TV-spots? Do you know your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) adapted to your daily activity? Do you drink enough water? Have you planed enough recovery time and do you get a sufficient amount of sleep? Do you move regularly in everyday life or do you do any sport?

In our article “5 Trendy Superfoods” we already presented a few aliments with special characteristics, which will also help you to achieve your goals. Some of those have a detox effect, others support weight loss, because they are substantial and stimulate the metabolism. In addition, some of them are real pick-me-ups.

In general a balanced and healthy diet plan will help you to get in shape for summer. Here are a few tips, that are easy to realize and which will lead every one of us to more vitality:

  1. Drink enough water. Even though our body consists of about 70% of water; we are not able to save it. Through the kidney, bowel, lungs and skin, we excrete about 2.5 liters of water every day – with heat, physical activity and illness it is even more. Water is our elixir of life. It is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of still water a day. Sodas and alcoholic drinks are to avoid in order to achieve the goals mentioned above.
  2. Avoid sweets and refined sugar. Refined sugar not only contains a lot of calories, but it is unhealthy and can impair our body. So for those who have sweet tooth, they should try out nuts and add less sugar to their coffee or tea.
  3. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Try to cook fresh meals. You can find a lot of inspiration on the uncountable food-blogs and free recipes on the internet. Buy regional products and products from the current season. Goods that are harvested during the optimal maturity period contain more vitamins. Compared to fruits, vegetables hold less fructose and therefore should be more vegetables than fruits on your diet plan.
  4. Make sure you eat enough dietary fibers. Our bowel is the core element of our immune system. If our intestine is sluggish so are we. Dietary fibers are the food of our bowel. It stimulates the digestion and induces the metabolic processes. Dietary fibers derive exclusively from plant-based foods. It is recommended to partake about 30 grams of fibers a day. Foods that are rich in fibers are; fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals, whereby the latter should be whole grains for several reasons.
  5. Get to know your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This indicator is dependent from different factors like gender, age, weight, muscular mass and the daily activity level. How many calories (energy) does your body needs a day? Try to keep that number in mind and do not eat more calories than you actually need.

Meopin will continue to provide important information on various health-related topics. In the near future, Meopin will also offer the opportunity to search for qualified dieticians online. Those healthcare providers can calculate your personal BMR and set up a diet plan tailored to your needs and goals. Moreover the search for general practitioners, laboratories, and other healthcare providers who can examine your metabolic capacity or digestive system, will soon be reachable thanks to Meopin.

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