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(A) General

If you are accepting these GTC on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind such entity to the terms and conditions set forth herein. If you do not have such authority, or if you do not agree to any these terms, then you are not permitted to use the Platform.

Through the Platform, Meopin offers information on professionals and facilities providing healthcare services and products such as, but not limited to, physicians, nurses, midwives, psychologists, therapists, coaches, optometrists, rehabilitation technicians, other healthcare providers, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, long-term care and home care facilities, emergency and first aid services, rehabilitation centres, blood testing facilities, hospitals and persons working on their behalves. Meopin organizes key information to help the User make informed choices in order to independently find and/or assess particular Healthcare Providers. Namely, the Platform provides Users with the main following services: (1) online profiles of Healthcare Providers. Such profiles are either listed by Meopin, Patients or Healthcare Providers. The Platform offers Users the possibility to search for one or more Healthcare Providers, according to different search criteria. Among the search results, Users may further filter results according to different filter criteria, (2) the possibility to review and rate Healthcare Providers. Meopin includes reviews, feedback, comments, indexes, scorecards, materials and other informative details about the Healthcare Providers which are organized, compiled and adjusted through proprietary processes and algorithms.

Access to certain areas of the Platform, the Content and the Products and Services are limited by a user ID and password. They are selected and/or supplied by the User as part of registering for an account via the Platform. A registration shall be required in order to amend the free basic profile in the Platform and/or receive Subscription Services from Meopin.

(B) Subscription Services

Meopin offers a subscription of premium packages to Healthcare Providers who wish to improve their basic free profile page listed on the Platform and benefit from other services and products by Meopin.

The User of Subscription Services shall be subject to the opening of an account with Meopin. While registering with Meopin, the User guarantees the completeness and correctness of any data used and commits not to violate any third parties rights.

Registration shall be made online on the Platform and shall be subject to providing answers to all required questions, to accepting Meopin’s GTC and to forwarding the registration to Meopin by clicking the „submit“ button on the Platform. The Agreement is executed only once Meopin has accepted the registration, opened the account in the Healtcare Provider’s name and sent the account details to the Healthcare Provider.

You may terminate the Subscription Services at any time by deleting your account in the dashboard or in writing to Meopin. Any subscription terminated before or on the 20th day of a month shall take effect on the last day of the current month. Any subscription terminated on or after the 21st day of a month shall take effect on the last day of the following month. Termination shall be executed by the Healthcare Provider in his / her dashboard in the Platform. In such case, only your free basic profile will remain on the Platform. In case Meopin has violated the Agreement, you have no other right than to terminate the subscription. In case of violation of the provisions of Meopin’s GTC, Meopin reserves the right to downgrade your profile, suspend the execution of Subscription Services, entirely or partially, and/or terminate the Agreement about the Subscription Services, all this without the right for you to claim any damages against Meopin.

Subscription Services offered to Healthcare Providers are subject to a monthly payment according to one of the payment plans offered by Meopin and described on the Platform.

At registration, you are required to indicate your credit card details. A 0.01 EUR fee may be debited from the credit card to obtain confirmation of the existence and validity of the credit card you provided.

The Subscription shall start at the day of registration, provided Meopin accepts registration.

Payment for the relevant amount shall be debited the first day of each monthly period from the credit card you provided. You must update credit card information regularly. An invoice, marked with “paid”, shall be issued by Meopin once the relevant amount has been validly debited from the credit card. In case the credit card may not be debited, you shall be invited by Meopin to update credit card information or to provide another credit card accepted for payment. Meopin shall debit the updated credit card during the following days in order to obtain payment for the amount due, until the invoice will be entirely paid. In case of unpaid invoices, Meopin reserves the right to downgrade your profile and/or suspend the execution of Subscription Services, entirely or partially, without the right for you to claim any damages against Meopin.

The subscription plans have no influence on the search result order. They are exclusively based on the overall rating score, the number of reviews or your manually selected order. However, the subscription plans’ advantage is that you can provide more information about you and your practice. Furthermore, it helps you to optimize search engine results, which means that you are better reached via Google Search for instance. Find out more about our subscription plans (link).

(C) Profiles

Providers’ profile information published on Meopin come from multiple data sources. These sources are indicated on the basic profile page of each healthcare provider. Meopin builds its own database, which is continuously updated, to ensure high quality and actuality of this information. In the case your information is not in the database, there are two ways you can get listed: (1) When a user wants to review a healthcare provider, which is not listed already, he is asked to provide Meopin with the provider’s basic information and a basic free profile is created. If this happens, Meopin will inform the specific provider about his listing on the site. (2) If you, as a healthcare provider, cannot find your basic information, you have the possibility to claim your profile and create a basic free profile or an upgrade to a Silver / Gold / Premium account. To find out more about “Claim your profile”

You may only register, and put on your profile page on the Platform, only the information you are legally entitled to publish. The respect of legal and deontological rules is at your charge. Meopin has no obligation whatsoever to verify, with regard to such rules, each piece of information which will be part of Content published on the Platform. You must update your profile information as soon as possible. Meopin may, at any time, request a proof of the correctness of the data used in the profile.

As the listing on the Meopin site, with a free basic profile, is similar to an online directory and part of public information, which needs to be available for everyone. However, in specific cases, you can send a request to support@meopin.com and Meopin will evaluate the reason for a delisting or removal of personal information case by case. Thank you.

If you are registered on Meopin, you can change your basic information in your dashboard. First you have to login than go to “Account and Settings” and then under “About” you can change your basic information. If you are not registered, you can either get registered and change your basic information as just described or you send a request to support@meopin.com

(D) Ratings

You have the right to reply to a review. In your dashboard in the Platform, you may access a review on your profile and add a reply which will be published along with the review, save for Meopin to not publish it if the reply criteria are not fulfilled.

You have the right to dispute a review should you disagree with the Patient’s opinion or consider that you are prejudiced by its content. In your dashboard in the Platform, you may access a review on your profile and request the check of the review, by adding the reasons for the dispute.

The disputed review will be unpublished, for the duration of the quality control. Meopin shall send to the Patient by email the text of the dispute posted by the Healthcare Provider in their dashboard. Meopin invites the Patient to detail the review and to confirm it with a possible written proof (a receipt, a transfer, an appointment confirmation, from where it results that the Healthcare Provider was visited by the Patient). If the Patient does not react to this notification within the deadline indicated by Meopin, Meopin will definitely delete the review, and will duly inform the Healthcare Provider and the Patient of such deletion. In case the Patient has provided the relevant documentation (i.e. the proof of appointment), Meopin will send this documentation to the Healthcare Provider by email. Meopin makes sure that only anonym documentation is transmitted (that means, that all relevant private elements, such as name, birthday, insurance number, address) are blacked, so that the Patient’s identity is not disclosed to the provider. Meopin will request the provider’s position on these documents. After receiving the Healthcare Provider’s position, Meopin will analyse the review and, among other elements, will check whether it is an opinion (legally protected by the freedom of expression) or a factual description (which must be able to be proved), or a mix of both. If the Healthcare Provider does not react within the deadline required by Meopin, the review will be republished. If the Healtcare Provider does react, and depending on the results of the analysis, Meopin will decide if the review will be published again, entirely or partially, or will be deleted. Meopin will inform the Healtcare Provider and the Patient about its decision.

The option to review is open for all providers listed on the Meopin site. The fact that the provider is listed with the free basic profile or has subscribed to Silver / Gold / Premium services within a Meopin payment plan does not impact that option. So every provider can be rated regardless if this provider is registered or not.

A healthcare provider cannot delete any kind of review. A review is published after it fulfilled all requirements and passed the Meopin check. However, you have the possibility to reply to a review via your dashboard. Your reply, if it fulfils all criteria, is published along with the specific review. If the review, from your point of view, contains incorrect factual information, is a defamation, does originate from a person who is not a patient of yours, includes inappropriate or confidential content, you may dispute the review. This review will then be unpublished, until the quality check is finished. To find out more about the quality check, look here. After the quality check the review will either be republished, entirely, partially or deleted. For further information ask us at support@meopin.com.

Only registered providers with a payment plan are notified about new reviews on their profile. Not registered providers may see reviews on their profile page, but will not be notified of new reviews published on their profile, Both, registered and not registered providers, have the right to reply to or dispute reviews (the registered users via their dashboard, non registered users by sending an email to support@meopin.com).

Meopin follows a very strict data protection policy and complies with applicable data protection law. All reviews are published anonymously. Meopin however guarantees that all reviewers are registered with Meopin and have, thus, been authenticated. To guarantee freedom of expression of Patients, Meopin is not able to disclose to the concerned provider the reviewer’s details. However, Meopin has a strict quality control and checks every review on its compliance with Meopin’s review criteria and guidelines. As a provider, you may reply to a review or dispute a review.