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(A) General

Any user must represent and warrant that he / she is at least 13 years old or older. If you are under age 18, but above 13, you are permitted to use the Platform, provided you do so with the consent of a parent or legal guardian who accepts the GTC on your behalf.

Through the Platform, Meopin offers information on professionals and facilities providing healthcare services and products such as, but not limited to, physicians, nurses, midwives, psychologists, therapists, coaches, optometrists, rehabilitation technicians, other healthcare providers, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, long-term care and home care facilities, emergency and first aid services, rehabilitation centres, blood testing facilities, hospitals and persons working on their behalves. Meopin organizes key information to help the User make informed choices in order to independently find and/or assess particular Healthcare Providers. Namely, the Platform provides Users with the main following services: (1) online profiles of Healthcare Providers. Such profiles are either listed by Meopin, Patients or Healthcare Providers. The Platform offers Users the possibility to search for one or more Healthcare Providers, according to different search criteria. Among the search results, Users may further filter results according to different filter criteria, (2) the possibility to review and rate Healthcare Providers. Meopin includes reviews, feedback, comments, indexes, scorecards, materials and other informative details about the Healthcare Providers which are organized, compiled and adjusted through proprietary processes and algorithms.

The use of the Platform is currently provided to Patients for free.

(B) Searching for providers

On the Platform, Meopin makes available Ratings, lists based on specific criteria, including without limitation, in the form of search results, and other information, profiles and materials regarding Healthcare Providers. The information is compiled from a variety of sources, and finally arranged in a non-complicated, simple-to- use and easy-to-view arrangement.

Search results are based on the keywords searched in the search box. Results are selected based on the matching with these keywords, on the overall rating of the providers and on the number of reviews. This process is carried out by an algorithm. Alternatively, you can further define your search criteria in advanced search and select how you want to have search results sorted.

(C) Reviewing providers

If a specific Healthcare Provider is not listed on the Platform, you may list this Healthcare Provider with a basic profile, in order to review and rate him / her.

For each of the questions, an info icon is displayed where you may (by swiping the icon) receive an explanation of the questions and guidelines to filling in the replies.

You will receive an email confirming that the review has been submitted and that you will be informed of the publication of the review. After Meopin has checked whether the review fulfills Meopin’s review policy criteria, you will receive an email confirming that the review has been published on the Platform (or has been published partially / or does not fulfil Meopin’s review policy criteria and will not be published). If there are no apparent insufficiencies, the review will be published (generally speaking, within 24 hours after the posting). If there are some doubts on the authenticity of the reviewer, Meopin may initiate additional checks, to eliminate in particular more-than- one-reviews and agency reviews. For this purpose, Meopin may send an email to the Patient with a link to website, where he has to indicate his mobile number. The number may be encrypted for the transmission and the saving (hash). The Patient will receive after a few seconds a code by SMS and he has to indicate the code on the website. If the code is activated immediately (after 10 minutes maximum), the review will be published. If the code is not activated, the review will not be published.

Patients are permitted to post only one (1) review regarding the same Healthcare Provider, entity, procedure or subject. But you will be able to edit the review already published, in case comments or notes should be modified in order to reflect more recent experiences or considerations.

(D) Privacy / Data Protection

Access to certain areas of the Platform, the Content and the Products and Services are limited by a user ID and password. They are selected and/or supplied by the User as part of registering for an account via the Platform. A registration shall be required in order to be able to review and rate Healthcare Providers, to make online appointments with Healthcare Providers, to chat with Healthcare Providers or receive certain services from Healthcare Providers or Meopin.

To use some of its services and access certain areas of the Platform, you must provide Personal Information that can be traced back to you, such as full name, street address and zip code, telephone number, e-mail. Meopin collects this Personal Information that you voluntarily provide through the use of on-line data entry, survey, product purchase and registration forms. Meopin gathers most of this Personal Information from you during an initial voluntary registration process for the Platform. Meopin also occasionally asks you for Personal Information at other times, including when you complete optional survey forms, fill out optional contact forms for additional information on particular products and services or use a particular service. Accordingly, you can determine to a large extent what Personal Information you wish to submit on a voluntary basis to Meopin. Such data are organized and stored in databases. Meopin’s primary goal in collecting Personal Information is to deliver a customized and personalized service to the Users of the Platform. Meopin may also use Personal Information for marketing purposes and to assist Meopin in improving its services by identifying the interests and needs of the many Users to this Platform.

Meopin uses cookies to collect and store information when Users visit the Platform (“Cookies”). Cookies enable Meopin to personalize a User's viewing experience on the Platform. Meopin uses Cookies to recognize User access privileges to this Platform, track site usage and traffic patterns, add advertisements for goods or services of interest based on the information submitted by, or inferred by the actions of, the User, and estimate this Platform's audience size. Meopin also uses Cookies to store User names and passwords that are supplied at registration.