Detox cures – what is behind it?

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Detox cures – what is behind it?

Detox cures – what is behind it?

Author Meopin - 26 April 2017


Detox cures, curative fasting, almost every one of us has already heard of them. In the internet, it is really crowded by suppliers of juice fasting cures, which are happy to have customers who are willing to pay. The demand is as great as never before! But what is behind the detoxing trend?

Detoxing is based on the assumption that our metabolism deposits waste products from nutrition and environmental toxins over time. This waste, the so-called “slags”, is believed to inhibit our metabolism and supposedly bind fat. Fatigue and laziness could be possible consequences.

The existence of superfluous, non-degradable slags is scientifically very controversial. Experts claim that our body does not need support in the sense of a detoxification cure. When the body is in good health, it should be able to dispose of all metabolic products and excrete via the kidneys and the intestine by itself.

However, the positive effect of a curative detoxification on our acid-base balance is undisputed. A lot of people eat too much food containing a high level in acidity. A basic curative cure can restore this balance. Often, these cures are supported by basic baths. Our organs and our blood depend on a certain PH level to function properly. Our body is constantly busy balancing this acid-base balance, not a simple task in the many digestive and metabolic processes. An occasional basic diet supports this process.

Regular users of detox or healing fasting cures state that the cures have a positive influence on their digestion and intestinal activity. For the intestine, the very small supply of food during the cure or fasting period means a recovery phase and it can be completely emptied. Within the scope of a holistic healing curative cure also include enemas to the daily rituals. Also, on pre- and probiotic food supplements, e.g. “Brottrunk” – bread drink, for the construction of a healthy intestinal flora, is gladly resorted.

Detox or healing fasting cures exist in countless variants. The daily calorie intake is also very different. From radical fasting with water and tea, over juice fasting, soup fasting or fruit fasting, everything is possible.

As already mentioned, the juice fasting currently enjoys enormous popularity. A number of providers offer to arrange a cure for one day to serval weeks. The juices are then refrigerated and delivered home – in organic quality, of course. There are also many books and online platforms covering everything from general information about recipes for juices to complete programs. Whether simple or complicated. Those who own a juicer can make daily fresh juices on their own. The purchase price for a high-quality device, as well as the time factor and the costs for the purchase of fresh organic vegetables and fruit should be considered.

The increased intake of vitamins and minerals from the vegetable and fruit juices does not adversely affect our health.

In addition to the effects mentioned, healing fasts and detox cures almost always have a spiritual component: the renouncement of things that have become natural and every day for us compels us to deal more intensively and differently with our diet but also with ourselves. We also learn to listen more to our bodies: what is physical hunger? What is mental hunger? What can we afford to cast aside and what do we need, and why is it so?

In general, you should always combine a cure, with slowing down a gear and release stress. A curative cure and a stressful workday do not fit together, and the persistence becomes enormously difficult. One should give oneself a lot of rest.

Fasting, however, is in no case suitable for permanently reducing weight. Most of the time, the pounds you lose, will be back a few days after the end of the cure. This can partly be explained by the fact that our bowel is completely emptied during the cure, and the contents now have weight. Anyone approaching a fast or detox cure with false expectations in this regard will be disappointed and there is a risk that the frustration will have an undesirable yo-yo effect.

Before healing or detoxifying, one should be well informed and find a form that corresponds to one’s own type. The choice should be based on the constitution, the psyche, the cost factor and the right time. In addition, one should discuss with one’s doctor of trust, if such a cure should be done over several days.

Whether a detox cure makes sense or not, everyone must decide for him/herself.  As you know, Meopin will continue to inform you about current health-related issues that you deal with.

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