What is a dental crown and when do I need one?

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What is a dental crown and when do I need one?

What is a dental crown and when do I need one?

Author Meopin - 8 January 2019

A dental crown is a solid denture that replaces damaged or missing parts of a tooth and ensures its stability.

When will dental crowns be made?

Accidents or tooth decay can destroy a large part of the tooth, often the stability of a filling can not be sufficient anymore. Then a dental crown will be necessary to keep the tooth at long term.

How is this treatment done?

Usually, the tooth is locally anesthetized, freed of caries and old fillings and rebuilt with a suitable filling and grounded into a specific shape. Thereafter, a precision impression is made with a mass or a scanner. The tooth receives a temporary protective crown in the same session. If the dental crown is to be tooth colored, the appropriate color is selected and the dental technician makes the desired crown. In the second session, the temporary crown will be removed, the tooth stump cleaned and the final crown secured with glue or cement.

Does a tooth always need root treatment before a crown?

No. If the damaged tooth has a painless healthy nerve, it does not need to be root-filled. However, if the destruction is very deep, or if the vital tooth causes pain, root canal treatment may be required. Most teeth are reinforced with a successful root canal treatment with one or more pins and then over-crowned.

What are crowns made of?

Crowns can be made from a variety of metals, including, but not limited to, gold or chromium-cobalt alloys. The dental crown can be made entirely of metal or veneered with a ceramic layer. All-ceramic crowns are used for aesthetic requirements, they are metal-free and produce visually more beautiful results and generally do not cause allergies. Plastic crowns are mostly used as long-term temporaries.

What disadvantages can arise with a crown?

Grinding the teeth can damage the tooth nerves. It also removes healthy tooth substance. Crowns have a limited durability, this is mainly caused by the dissolution of the cement or glue. Especially in the area of the preparation margin it can lead to caries formation with bad processing and oral hygiene.

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