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How are our ambassadors called?

Meopin Brand Ambassadors are called “Meopiners”.


What are our expectations on Meopiners?

A brand is a company’s most important asset. Our brand ambassadors help us to increase the Meopin brand value by representing the brand to target customers in order to increase awareness, create a specific image, generate sales opportunities and build customer preference.

Meopin ambassadors embody what Meopin is all about. They create awareness, attention and sales leads. 

Here are six key characteristics we are looking for:

1.     Knowledge of (and Appreciation for) Marketing

This isn’t to say our ambassadors and advocates need a marketing degree, but they should have a basic understanding of marketing’s core principles. Specifically, the best ambassadors appreciate the importance of authenticity in modern marketing, and grasp the role that digital marketing and social media play in driving high-quality referrals.

2.     An Established Online Presence

In order for word-of-mouth marketing to be successful, we need ambassadors to reach as many people as possible, across a variety of channels and platforms. Now, this doesn’t mean an ambassador must have 20,000 Twitter followers or thousands of email contacts to represent our brand. But they should have a well-established online presence and a highly-engaged network.

3.     A High Level of Professionalism

While ambassadors won’t be employed by Meopin, they will be representing your brand. They will be talking about Meopin, encouraging others to check out our products and services, and influencing how others perceive our business.

4.     Natural Leadership Skills

We are keen to enter into a relationship with people whose opinions exude confidence and positivity.

5.     A Passion for Building and Growing Relationships

Ambassadors are not sales people heading out to make as many one-time sales as possible. They exist to foster strong, loyal relationships between our customers and our brand. Our ambassadors should not only be passionate about — and intimately familiar with —our products or services, they should also be skilled at making deep connections with others on our behalf.

6.     The Ability to Gather Feedback and Provide Innovative Insight

Inevitably, brand ambassadors will gather feedback based on their experience with our product or services, as well as their conversations with our customers and competitors. This information can provide critical intelligence that helps us improve our referral marketing program (and, more broadly, our business).

The Ambassador role does not involve being hired by Meopin. Candidates for an Ambassador within the Meopiners’ initiative can be students, employees at other companies, bloggers, influencers or any other people who identify with Meopin’s values and business.


The Ambassadors’ Duties

Our Ambassadors may take on a variety of tasks:

  • actively promoting our products or services to their friends and family,
  • building a relatable “face” for Meopin,
  • serving as an extension of customer service,
  • developing creative ways to expand company outreach,
  • engaging on social media.


What does Meopin offer?

  • workshops to inform Meopiners’ about Meopin’s products and services
  • teaching Meopiners how to use their voice to spread a positive brand message
  • financial compensation for any professional customer actively recruited by the Meopiner
  • a closed Facebook group to facilitate communication between Meopiners and the company
  • rewards and social recognition for particularly active Meopiners
  • happy hours and get-togethers at a local restaurant or bars
  • pre-launch information on new products and services by Meopin
  • possibility to provide early feedback during Beta- and Test-phases of Meopin applications



Want to be a Meopiner?

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