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Meopin brings together two different, homogenous groups on one platform. Meopin helps patients and healthcare professionals to find and connect with each other.


Furthermore, this opens a door for health care businesses who want to reach their target groups directly. Meopin offers the perfect opportunity to promote products and run ads.

Here are some reasons why you should run advertisements on Meopin:

  • We bring the right customers to the right businesses
  • We bring together two different target groups (patients and healthcare professionals) in one place
  • You can define the target groups and area, where your adverts are run
  • We offer a strong connection to the health sector with all its stakeholders
  • You run your adverts directly on the health market and not only on peripherel markets
  • Your adverts are displayed 24/7 during your previously defined running period
  • You may individualise your advertising campaign so that it fits your needs and into your concept
  • You may run adverts on the Mobile Application as well as on the Web Application
  • Increase traffic, rase brand awareness, conversions – Meopin makes it possible


If we aroused your interest, and you want to find out more about our programm for advertisers, our inventory, prices, and more, do not hesitate and contact us.

We are happy to provide you with our brochure on “Advertising on Meopin” on your request.

Simply write an email to

The Meopin Team is happy to help, answer your questions and at your disposition for further information. We are looking forward hearing from you!


Your Meopin Team