5 Marketing Tips for Private Practitioners

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5 Marketing Tips for Private Practitioners

Author Meopin - 8 May 2019

In today’s highly competitive business world, marketing is a must-have tool for healthcare providers that wish to bring in a steady flow of customers. Those who choose to invest in marketing will eventually thrive, while those who resist the change will stay behind. Among many different marketing tactics, we singled out five online as well as offline tips for private practitioners.

1. The Marketing Mindset

Many practitioners have a hesitant attitude towards marketing, thinking that it is all about deceptive advertising, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, developing a marketing mindset will only help you and your patients. Having an open approach to marketing is extremely important for practitioners, almost as important as having an overall business strategy for the practice. Healthcare providers should always keep in mind that patients need healthcare service, and the practitioners have solutions to offer. So, promoting your healthcare services can have a profound impact on the health and well-being of those who are seeking medical help.

2. Open Door Day 

Some practitioners may find the open day concept as an unusual way of promoting a practice. However, organizing an open-door day once or twice per year is a simple and very effective way to spread the word about your practice. You can promote an event by sending an online and offline invitation to the general public. During the actual day, the visitors should be provided with some healthcare tips – practical information which the public may find useful. Giving away flyers, business cards or some other marketing collaterals during the event is a great way of having the first touchpoint with potential clients.

3. Warm Letter 

The warm letter is a snail mail letter which could also be done in the form of an email. Sending a letter to your contacts and connections with the purpose of introducing a new practice is a great promotional tool as you need to attract new patients. There should be at least three key points in the letter: First, a short introduction about the practice, even better if there is a story behind it. Second, a description of who your patients are and the results you are getting. And lastly, a call for action by asking for a referral to your contacts, should they know someone who might be interested in your service. Keep in mind that you must avoid sounding desperate.

4. Creating a Business Avatar 

As a private practitioner, you need to think thoroughly about who your ideal patient is and who you wish to attract. The private practitioners should create an actual profile for the ideal type of patient. One of the main reasons why practitioners should take this step is to be more aware of the target audience. Once you start creating new marketing material (blog posts, flyers, brochures, leaflets, etc.), you must keep in mind that target audience and develop content that gives them direct value. The more the practitioner can visualize and give life to that business avatar, the more it’s going to be reflected in all of marketing material content, making it as effective as possible.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

The ways in which the patients find healthcare providers has radically changed during the last decade. We live in Google Search times of internet, more and more patients look for practitioners online. So how can you stand out in this internet jungle? SEO is the solution for you. SEO shows how well Google knows that you, as the practitioner, matter. There are a number of tools that Google uses to rank your online information once the potential patient searches your practice online. In order to be highly ranked in Google search, there are few basic steps that every practitioner should take. First and foremost, you should have a website which is fast, mobile-friendly and secure. Secondly, you should constantly update your online content by posting regularly on your blog, at least two times a month. Third, you need to target the right healthcare industry and location keywords in your SEO.

Not only do you need these services, but you also need a marketing company that understands the ins-and-outs of the medical marketing industry. If you want to attract more patients, Meopin can help you create a new marketing plan, or optimize your existing one. Get in touch with us.

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